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NEWS! Costa Rica 2022.

September 9, 2021

Me and Nicke from Pathfinder Travels had some nice days this week planning a Costa Rica nature expedition. The trip was almost ready over a year ago but then Covid arrived. But now the world is slowly recovering and we decided to start to ding more expedtion like trips. So now it´s out and official.

Other fantastic expeditions are in the pipe line. There will be more very soon!

Expedition Costa Rica

The team during the Pathfinder Cerro Echandi expedition 1, 2025.
A new Lepanthes species. Still not named or described. Unfortunately it can take several years
before new species are described and published. Why, I dont´t know.
Lepanthes sp, Cerro De la Muerte.
A young Ornate Hawk Eagle. Cerro Echandi.
Tobias, one of the team members during the Pathfinder Cerro Echandi expedition 2015, and his Warbonnet jungle hammock and tarp at 2200 meters.
A new Lepanthes sp. Tapanti.
The view south from Cerro Echandi towards Las Tablas and Panama. Volcan Baru far away.

Cerro Echandi and Las Tablas, Costa Rica.

January 26, 2020

Some more pictures from Las tablas and Cerro Echandi in Costa Rica. These are very remote areas in Costa Rica far away from were normal tourist go. But here you can find new species. Animals that has never seen humans. An untouched paradise. Klick on the pictures for high resolution!


To be continued.

Cerro Echandi, Costa Rica.

January 18, 2020

During the both Pathfinder expeditions that I arranged together with Daniel our main goal during the trips was to reach the summit of Cerro Echandi. This mountain lies in the middle of the rainforest on the Costa Rica/Panama border. Very hard trekking. A fantastic place were very few has been. The views are stunning. We had our base camp at the research station Las Alturas. Further up the mountain we put up another camp at around 2200-2400 meters on a ridge. Here some pictures of the Cerro Echandi expeditions…. To be continued…

Costa Rica expeditions.

January 17, 2020

Have been “away” for a while. Not updating the blog. Sorry for that. Other things in life have taken a lot of my time, energy etc… But now I am back!

I will now publish a lot of pictures from my recent orchid expeditions. And soon new exciting expeditions will take place. Working on plans right now.

So here are some pictures from Costa Rica and one of the expeditions I arranged for Pathfinder Travels in Sweden. A unique expedition like trip were we visited areas in Costa Rica that not many tourists visit. Enjoy!



Me looking for orchids on Cerro Chai.


Daniel on the summit of Cerro Chai. In the background Cerro Echandi coverd in clouds.


Lepanthes leporina In Situ, Tapanti.


Lepanthes species, El Copal. Very tiny flower, just 2 mm big.


Lepanthes lindleyana at a tree trunk, Cerro Chai.


Very tough hiking before the ridge starts on Cerro Echandi.


Platystele microtatantha at Las Tablas. One of the smallest orchids in the world.


New Masdevallia species, Las Tablas.


Rainbow over the forest seen from Las Tablas towards Las Tablas.

New Lepanthes species

March 4, 2017

During the first trip that I arranged for Pathfinder Travels to Costa Rica, we were walking down from the main ridge on Cerro Echandi to our  base camp. At around 2550 meters I saw tiny Lepanthes leafs on a small oaktree that were growing on a very steep slope. Me and Daniel realized quickly that it´s a new species. The plants, about 1o of them were growing 40 – 100 cm up on the trunk, from the ground level.

Here you can see the first pictures I took of this Lepanthes species. It´s now at the Lankester Botanical Gardens in Costa Rica.


lepanthes_sp_echandi1The new Lepanthes sp. Here compared to a finger.

lepanthes_sp_echandi2New Lepanthes sp. Cerro Echandi 2550 meters.

lepanthes_sp_echandi3New Lepathes sp.

echandi1Cerro Echandi seen here from the summit of Cerro Chai. We had our basecamp were the first branch of the tree (lower right in the picture) touches the ridge. The same ridge were we found the new Lepanthes sp.

view2_lasalturasUntouched rainforest on the lower slopes of Cerro Echandi.

Cerro Echandi

February 18, 2017

Hi there.

I have been busy with so many things since the latest expeditions in Costa Rica. But now I have the inspiration and energy to make many updates to this blog.

So here I start with a teaser.

The views from the summit of Cerro Echandi – Costa Rica/Panama. Stunning views towards north and Cerro Fábrega in Panama. Cerro Echandi is 3162 meters high. Not a view you see often as there are not many people that have been to the summit.

Cerro Echandi view.

Cerro Echandi view.

Summit view from Cerro Echandi. Enlarge the picture for details.


Me on the ridge between Cerro Ikribi and the western ridge of Cerro Echandi.

There will be more very soon…

New Lapanthes species – Costa Rica

November 28, 2015

Now I am in Costa Rica finally. Together with Daniel I have been exploring the rainforest around Tapanti already. Soon the people from Sweden that we are going to guide here is arriving. It´s a trip that I have arranged for Pathfinder Travels in Sweden.
During a hike yesterday we found some very interesting Lepanthes sp. One at least, is a new species.

Here are some In Situ pictures:


New Lepanthes species.


Lepanthes volsella – Cerro de la muerte


Lepanthes volsella – Cerro de la muerte


Lepanthes sp – Tapanti


Lepanthes sp – Tapanti


Lepanthes sp – Tapanti


Lepanthes sp – Tapanti

Costa Rica 2015 – Pathfinder expedition trip

November 23, 2015

In a few days I will be in Costa Rica. I have arranged a trip for Pathfinder Travels in Sweden. Together with two guides me and nine customers will explore untouched rainforests. Hopefully we will see many orchids and other plants, animals etc. I will try to update this website every time we have WiFi connection.

Here a short “teaser” film from the latest trip with researchers from the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg/Sweden to Colombia.






The Lepanthes species that we found in Costa Rica has been published.

August 27, 2015

When me, Daniel and Eugenio were exploring the cloudforest of Cerro Arbolado we found several new Lepanthes species. Now some have been published and here you can read about this:

Eugenio, me and Daniel at Cerro Arbolado, Costa Rica.

Eugenio, me and Daniel at Cerro Arbolado, Costa Rica.

Me on the summit ridge of Cerro Arbolado, Costa Rica.

Me on the summit ridge of Cerro Arbolado, Costa Rica.

Here Lepanthes durikaensis is published.

Lepanthes species – Peru

February 24, 2015

Lepanthes species Peru. Here is some pictures of a Lepanthes sp that comes from Peru. I don´t know were it grows but will try to get more information about it. The lovely small flowers have beautiful colors. It flowers all the time. Flower size 4mm. More info and pictures soon.

Lepanthes species Peru

Lepanthes species Peru

Lepanthes species Peru

Lepanthes species Peru