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Hi all orchid lovers!

January 10, 2010


Hi everyone!

Today I started my blog about my orchids.

A blog about these small gems from the cloudforests. The species I grow comes from South and Central America. Have some from Papua New Guinea also. But the collection will grow and grow, hopefully.

And the first species I will show here is Fernandezia ionanthera. Schlechter 1920.

I have two plants. One had three flowers and the other one had 2 flowers when it flowered for the first time.

I grow these species mounted. Lot´s of humidity, good air movement. Min temp (Winter) +10°C to +12°C. Max temp (Winter) +18°C to +20°C.

Fernandezia ionanthera is found in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador in wet, cold cloudforests at 2700 – 3200 meters. Grows as a epiphyte but sometimes as a lithophyte. Flower size about 1 1/2 – 2 cm.

Rare in cultivation. It´s also very hard to grow.

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