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Hofmeisterella eumicroscopica, starting to open up!

February 4, 2010

My Hofmeisterella eumicroscopica is really starting to open up now! The flower doesn´t that redish color as I have seen on other pictures so I belive it has to open up slowly and then “mature”.

My Hoff have very good aircirculation and humidity and I recommend everyone who would like to try this rare species to do the same. Also low night temperatures as the grow up to 3000 meters (Cusco area). I very selldom get over +20°C as a Max temp.

I give it osmosis water. Just a few times I have had some fertilizer in the water and then very diluted solution. When It grows on a rodonendron branch with moss, cork with some moss or Xaxim wit some moss I belive there is enough fertilizer for it. It should never dry out completly.

But good circulating, humid air is probably most important!

Hofmeisterella eumicroscopica

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