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First out 2013 – Masdevallia rex Luer & Hirtz 1989

February 4, 2013

Masdevallia rex.

A beautiful Masdevallia sp from Ecuador were it grows at altitudes at around 500-1000 meters. It´s hot growing but I grow this sp in my vivaria with my other plants. So temperatures range from +10°C to +19C now in winter. This sp thrive in humid conditions. I grew it a little bit dry the first months and the first flowerbud dried before the flower were developed.

And this plant I got from my friend Karma. Don´t forget to visit her blog!





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  1. February 4, 2013 15:26

    Very nice! 🙂 It is also very interesting to see the difference in result. You kept your division cool, I have kept mine intermediate (divisions of the same plant). They bloom at the very same time, mine just opened the first flower this weekend, 6-8 more buds just starting to develop. But my flower looks quite different to yours. It is much lighter in color (much more white in it), my flower seems to be much longer in the body and the sepaline tails are probably twice as long as yours. It is supposed to actually be a warm grower… perhaps this is why. I need to blog about it, but I put up one photo here for you to see:


  1. Orchid Karma – Masdevallia rex
  2. orchidkarma – Masdevallia rex

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