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Costa Rica expeditions.

January 17, 2020

Have been “away” for a while. Not updating the blog. Sorry for that. Other things in life have taken a lot of my time, energy etc… But now I am back!

I will now publish a lot of pictures from my recent orchid expeditions. And soon new exciting expeditions will take place. Working on plans right now.

So here are some pictures from Costa Rica and one of the expeditions I arranged for Pathfinder Travels in Sweden. A unique expedition like trip were we visited areas in Costa Rica that not many tourists visit. Enjoy!



Me looking for orchids on Cerro Chai.


Daniel on the summit of Cerro Chai. In the background Cerro Echandi coverd in clouds.


Lepanthes leporina In Situ, Tapanti.


Lepanthes species, El Copal. Very tiny flower, just 2 mm big.


Lepanthes lindleyana at a tree trunk, Cerro Chai.


Very tough hiking before the ridge starts on Cerro Echandi.


Platystele microtatantha at Las Tablas. One of the smallest orchids in the world.


New Masdevallia species, Las Tablas.


Rainbow over the forest seen from Las Tablas towards Las Tablas.

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